About Me

I’ve been very fortunate to live, WORK and travel in 3 Continents and one island, therefore I do have the experience to work and travel. My work experience will really help those who are willing to live a life traveling around the globe while working.

Hence the hunger to start this ONLINE OPPORTUNITY to make it very successful and help others to do so!

My background is in FINANCIAL MARKETING, the 1985’s I’ve achieved many awards. Along the way, making good friends, and not being alone on the journey to success. When you smile at the world, it will smile back, so that contributes to a lot of my success.

Once you’ve grown and gain confidence, you seek other adventures, hence was able to qualify as an instructor in one of my beloved sports, and enjoyed every minute. Never a dull moment, always smiling and therefore had great achievements that lead me to greater expectations in celebrating life!

One further attribute I have, is to “get up and go”, hence to achieve ‘making a living’! I’ve established myself and ‘took on’ another venture in another continent!

As one gets older and you read the autobiography of others, you come to realise that to ‘stick to one thing’, will bring easy success in a humble way!

The path in life is hard enough, the job hunting becomes more difficult, and one therefore feels that you still want to travel, have freedom and MAKING MONEY ONLINE. If one takes the virtual shopping mall serious, this will give you the opportunity to SAVE MONEY and can go after the challenge, in your community, hence you never alone. My work experience will really help those who are willing to live a life traveling around the globe while working.

My life has been both challenging and rewarding, but humble, yet I still have a desire to face new responsibilities, that will allow me to demonstrate my full potential. In return, I can offer dedication, integrity and a vast amount of personal experience. I’ve attained many qualities that will complement this role in generating the EXTRA INCOME for others. To help others to WORK and travel FROM a website, be entrepreneurial in their journey to freedom.

If you would like to join me through my virtual shopping mall, you can contact us and follow me on social media.. This is where I network with others and offer my help each and every day to people, like yourself.

Help is available, only if you ask!

One life, Rescue it!